Corporate wellness solution

Empower employees to share their sports activities, engaging in the new ones, and competing

How effective are your employees?
Employers face these problems
500 hours average annual overwork
70% of employees miss more than a week of work due to sickness
3 pieces of training a week allow to increase the efficiency of employee twice
"It saves €3 for every dollar that is spent offering the program"
Our solution
For your company
For your employees
Happy, healthy, and loyal employees

- Employees could set and achieve health goals;
- Motivation via competition;
- Engagement & team-building;
- Rewards from the company.

Make your employees happier and healthier

- Mitigate diseases of key employees;
- Decrease sick days;
- Track your employees' wellness;
- Team-building activities.

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24/7 Live coaches consultations for employees
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